This interactive workshop aims to bridge the experiences and views of participants from diverse backgrounds and expertise about home retrofit.

Paul Mallion, an expert in retrofitting residential projects, will lead the session where we will explore together possibilities and challenges limiting the retrofit of flats and houses-built post 1950s.  

By attending this session, you will: 

  • Learn about technicalities and DIY ideas for home retrofitting;  
  • Network with stakeholders who share interest in retrofitting houses and homes-built post 1950s.  
  • Engage in a participatory activity to test energy efficiency and feasibility of retrofitting ideas for this case. 

By attending this session, you will understand the possibilities and challenges associated with retrofitting this home type in relationship to the contemporary context. You will also learn about specifics related to retrofitting a home that belongs to post 1950s housing. This session will be helpful for homeowners, designers and decision-makers engaged in the planning and design of home retrofit projects. 

Event details

  • Date of the Case study presentation event: Wednesday 19th July 2023  
  • Place: The University for the Creative Arts – Canterbury Campus (Please contact the reception upon arrival) 


  • Event start: 10am  
  • Session start: 10.30am   
  • Session end: 12.45pm  

If you have any enquiries about the event please contact Project Coordinator, Heba Sarhan: